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(31 Ogos 2011) Jawatan Kosong Kolej Islam Antarabangsa (IIC)

Kerja Kosong Kolej Islam Antarabangsa (IIC) 
International Islamic College or in short, IIC, was established in the year 2000 as a private higher education institution. It is owned by IIUM, as a gateway to knowledge and erudition, is a full subsidiary of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Holdings Sdn Bhd. IIC purports or serves to educate, train and impart noble values to young men and women who aspire, who wish, who hope to be the next generation of professionals and leaders.Ever since its inauguration, IIC has witnessed immense, noteworthy, remarkable growth. From a small-romantic--coloured building in Jalan Gombak to the currently larger, strong, vibrantly-coloured campus in Taman Batu Muda, IIC provides a diversity, miscellany environment for students irregardless of their age, colour or even race or country. In spite of the ‘Islamic’ labeling, IIC has now more non-Muslims students, local and international alike registering for the various courses offered, whom are able to blend in and mix very well with their Muslim friends and colleagues. IIC’s unique, distinctive educational methods of inter-twining both the revealed knowledge and acquired knowledge complements the very much-needed edification or education for the students so that they are able to stick to their guns, to have a firm stand, stance and belief in the pursuit of success in spite of challenges or obstacles; thus making it an educational-business thriving institution.

1. Lecturer School Of Management
2. Lecturer School Of Information And Communication Technology
3. Lecturer School Of Information Technology
4. Lecturer School Of Social Scienses
5. Lecturer Centre For Languages
6. Supervisor I-Care
7. Teachers For Kindergarten
8. Warden
9. Security Guards


Tarikh Tutup Permohonan:- 31 Ogos 2011

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