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15 Tips to Easily Pass a Job Interview

15 Tips to Easily Pass a Job Interview

For those of you who are looking for a job or will be interviewed by a company, this tip can help you to prepare sufficiently before entering the interview room. There may be some of these tips that you already know but hopefully it can be a reminder once again so that you don't forget.

1. Receive an interview call via email

2. Bring complete documents

Usually for the interview, you need to bring a completed employment form, transcripts and related certificates (original copies and photocopies), latest CV, and passport photos. Make sure you prepare as requested. If you are job hunting, prepare at least 10 sets.

3. Wear neat and decent clothes

For men, I will usually wear a shirt and a set of blazer and pants of the same color. Appropriate colors for blazers and trousers are black, gray and other dark colors. Make sure you wear a tie and shiny black shoes. While for women, a bra set, a shirt, pants and blazer set or a shirt, below-the-knee skirt and blazer set.

4. Arrive early

Arrive 30-60 minutes before the interview time. When you arrive early, you can pray the Dhuha prayer or the 2-rakat prayer. After the circumcision prayer, pray to God for peace and ease in all interview matters. Remember, the heart of every human being is held by God. God is also the Almighty to move the heart of your interviewer.

5. Get more information

Refer to point number 1, through this email you can communicate with HR / recruiter. Get the following information from them such as the job description (JD) of the position being interviewed and the interviewer's full name and position.

6. Make preliminary preparations

Using the job description given, you can prepare to answer technical questions as well as questions related to your character. Look at your CV, look at JD. Anticipate questions that may be asked. List at least 3 main points how you can be an asset to the company.

7. Research the interviewer

Using the interviewer's full name and job title, you can stalk them on LinkedIn. Through this method, even before the interview, you already know the background of your interviewer and anticipate the questions that may be asked.

8. Calm down and recite zikr

Before entering the interview room read Bismillah 50 times. The virtue of reading Bismillah 50 times can soften the hearts of people we meet. Or any other dhikr is also possible. When we want to go to an interview, only God can help us.

9. Practice a lot

Practice answering warm-up questions fluently in BI. A common warm-up question is, "Tell me about yourself". Make sure you can answer this question fluently in 3-5 minutes. If you stutter even here, you can consider yourself a failure.

10. Increase reading materials

Practice answering other common questions related to your industry, company, JD, and CV. Make sure every point in your CV can be described in depth. Through your description, the interviewer can 'gauge' whether you can do the work as written in the JD or not.

11. Ask diligently

Practice asking industry, company, and JD related questions. Don't be too busy asking how much salary you can get. If you are worth to be paid, the company will pay you whatever salary you expected.

12. Get the interviewer's business card

After the interview, get the business cards of all your interviewers. With the information in the business card you can follow up after the interview.

13. Give thanks

Send a 'Thank You Email' to all your interviewers within 24 hours of the interview.

14. Ask for blessing

Before and after the interview, call your parents and ask for their prayers. Their prayers, especially the prayers of the mother, are very important.

15. Do good things

Give a lot of charity, Dhuha prayer and Tahajjud prayer. This is the only easy way to pick up sustenance (pass the interview).

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