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6 Ways to Find a Job

6 Ways to Find a Job

The presence of the Pre-employment Card program initiated by the government for the community is expected to encourage the independence of the young generation to know how to find a better job.

Although it may be more difficult to get a better job during this Covid-19 pandemic, nothing is impossible as long as we try.

We've rounded up ways to find work quickly that you can try below.

How to Find a Job Quickly
Here are some ways to find a job so you won't be unemployed for long.

The steps
1. Prepare the best CV
2. Check the Job Seeker Website
3. Determine Desired Job
4. Send Job Application Letter and CV
5. Attend Job Interviews
6. Prepare Yourself To Receive Interview Results

Job Search Tips
1. Follow the Virtual Job Fair
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused various activities to be limited. Everyone is urged to stay at home to suppress the spread and transmission of the corona virus.

Activities that cause many people to gather are automatically prohibited by the government such as seminars, concerts, and even job fairs.

Instead, many people try to hold activities virtually with the help of an internet connection.

Now there are many virtual job fair events that can be followed without leaving home. You only need to register and attend online.

Try to follow the virtual job fair as one of the ways to find work online so as not to be unemployed for long.

2. Turn Hobby into Income
While waiting to get a new job, of course there is no harm if you rack your brains to find out how to find a side job through a hobby.

Some hobbies can be a significant source of additional income if done seriously.

You can try freelance jobs such as writing, web developer, drawing, or being a translator.

3. Install the Job Vacancy Application on the Mobile Phone
The job vacancy application has functions similar to the job vacancy site. However, both have differences, especially in terms of use.

The application is easier to use because it is designed specifically for mobile phones. This is one way to find job vacancies on the internet.

Everyone can find a job anywhere and anytime using a mobile phone without having to open a computer or laptop.

Although easy, but must be careful in choosing. Make sure the application is credible and trustworthy.

4. Take advantage of existing connections
In the world of work, what is needed is not only skills. Connection can also help.

Motivators often say that people who have skills can lose to people who have connections when looking for a job.

Friends can be one of the ways to find work experience in order to get a job connection.

Tell your friends about the situation honestly. That way, the friend will help by giving information about the vacancies he gets, especially if it is related to your skills and qualifications.

5. Improve and Improve Job Search Skills
When unemployed during the pandemic, make the most of your time.

While searching, you can improve the skills you already have by continuing to add new knowledge.

Not only that, a lot of free time can also make you learn new things. Some things can be done such as attending pre-employment card training online.

By having new skills, of course the qualification can increase and make it easier to get a job.

6. Send As Many Job Applications As Possible
To increase your chances of getting a job, send as many CVs and application files as possible.

In the time of pandemic, the competition increased to many times. However, you still need to choose the one that suits your abilities and qualifications.

7. Monitor Job Application Development
After sending many applications, you need to monitor their progress.

Companies will respond to emails especially if they are considering hiring you.

For that, make sure to check your e-mail inbox every day. In addition, also check the spam folder, because sometimes even emails can get lost there.

8. Leverage Social Media
Social media (medsos) has become more efficient than before. Now social media is not only used for entertainment, but can be a place to find a job.

Many companies advertise vacancies. In addition, you can also develop a good and professional image on social media in order to attract the attention of recruiters to call for interviews.

9. Keep Working and Don't Give Up
The way to find a job quickly is to keep trying and never give up.

Even though you have sent many job applications and have not received any results, make sure that the passion within you does not die out.

Be assured that all efforts will not end in vain.

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