Friday, May 26, 2023

Answer the "Tell Me About Yourself" Question Like This If You Want to FAIL an Interview

All kinds of admin tips have been shared for those of you who will attend this interview. That's right, before coming to the interview you need to prepare yourself properly. Research the questions that will be asked and practice practice until it is smooth.

Many people think they need to focus more on challenging questions. You are wrong because this simple question is the one that many stutter when asked. Why can it be like that? Because I never wanted to practice answering that question, in my heart I was ready to say 'peanut questions can be put aside.' Amboi really sure!

This question is always asked early on by the boss. the answer you give will give an impression about yourself. It's a general question, but you have to know how to answer it in order to properly answer the question. So make sure to answer correctly and don't play around. So you want to know what are the examples of answers that are not so good?

1. Repeat what is already in the resume
3. Tell us about your work experience
If you give an answer like this, it's actually a little more than you want to reach the most okay level. Telling about your work experience is really good because the boss wants to know what experience you have, but it is the least if you don't tell about your achievements or what you have done during your previous work.

It is better if you highlight your highest achievements during work and all kinds of skills you can learn. When you answer like that, the boss will think that you are capable of taking this company forward.

So you want to know how to answer correctly? This last answer is just right.

4. Relate your hobbies to the position applied for
For example, if the job you are asking for is as a Social Media Expert and your hobby is uploading videos on YouTube, being active on social media and knowing the ins and outs of using social media and everything that is trending. This really fits the position. This is for an impression that you know how to use and can be trusted to handle social media company updates.

5. Telling the Origin
This is the way that most candidates misunderstand, actually the employer wants to know you professionally rather than personally, family background, place of birth, mother's father's work, who cares? The easiest way is to introduce yourself, study where, and work experience if any. Oh yeah! Don't forget to brand yourself. Sell yourself completely in front of the employer, if you can, the employer will be speechless and not know what to ask about your job.
The boss is not asking this question because he is lazy to read your resume and expects you to tell him. No, not like that. This question is asked because I want to test how you answer. Whether it's what he expects or not. Avoid answering by telling your full name, age, where you live, number of siblings and all personal information that can be read in a resume. Answers like this are less impressive for the boss.

2. Tell me about your hobbies like cooking, watching movies..
Eh, can he also give a list of all his hobbies and interests that have nothing to do with the position applied for. If you answer like this, the boss remembers that you are also shocked. Unless your hobbies and interests have something to do with work, but even then you have to be good at arranging sentences and developing them so that the boss feels wow!

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