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Why do you want to apply for this job? This is the Best Answer You Need to Answer

After you have sent your resume and been called for an interview session, it means that you are one step away from being accepted for work. This is the interview time that you have to do really well because just one small mistake when you answer a question shows that you are not qualified for the job application. So, what are some examples of interview questions that the average applicant answers incorrectly?

Haa.. sounds like peanuts right? But actually this is the most deadly question asked at the beginning of the interview session. It can be said that almost 90% of employers will ask this question because this question will measure whether you are qualified or not. Once you answer wrong, it's really bye-bye...

1. I want to try something new at this company

After the interviewer asks questions and here are your answers, hmm.. the chances of being accepted are slim. Do you want to know why? Saying he wants to try something new does not guarantee that you will work for a long time. Let's say that after a month or two the job is no longer interesting and you start to feel bored, so that's how you will quit your job.

What is important to potential employers is the guarantee that you can work for a long period of time, not just a month or two. It's a good story, it's a waste of time and investment for both parties.

2. I've been unemployed for a month and I have to pay car money, house rent...

Please help, prospective employers don't even want to know what debts and loans you have to pay. All that should be put aside. If you answer like this, it shows that you are not professional and only think about salary. After that, you are ready to say that you have been unemployed for a long time. A year without doing anything?!

This verse should never be used. Your potential employer will no longer be interested in asking other questions but will focus more on why you have been jobless for a year. What do you want to answer? Lazy looking for a job to go on holiday in Malaysia first? Is it okay?

3. I'm bored with my old job, it's not interesting anymore. I want to try something new

Even though you have worked before, but if you say that your work is boring, it is not interesting directly and it has indirectly given a bad impression of yourself. Potential employers will think that you are unprofessional and will probably say the same thing about this new job as well.

One more tip, if you want to know that even if you have been working for a long time but in a different field than the job you are applying for now, your level is actually the same as those who have completed their degree or diploma. The reason is, you don't have detailed experience. One more thing, those who use the phrase 'with experience' will often ask for a higher salary than they should. Which boss wants to pay, right?

So, what is the most appropriate and reasonable answer?
Haa.. there is this one sentence that if you use it, it shows that you are very interested in this work and already know all the detailed information needed. So what is his verse?

"I have researched in detail about this company and.."

This is the most winning answer! Once you say that you have done research about the company, it will indirectly show that you are the type to prepare. Even the boss will be impressed and the first impression is important. If possible, try to insert a little information about the job applied for and how the company works. It would be better if you could talk about examples of clients and projects that have been done.

Which boss is not impressed if you answer like this. You already praise the company and want to learn more about it. This kind of person is the boss!

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