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10 Fields That Easily Get Job Opportunities In Malaysia Now

Many would-be graduates are confused about which field of study to use as their job opportunity in 2023. Yes, after the pandemic we are used to a new lifestyle. Regarding jobs, many people have started to choose the one that is more suitable according to their own comfort.

For those who want to continue studying regardless of certificate, diploma, degree, or others, you really should know what job fields and majors are HOT and easy to get career opportunities after you have finished your studies. Not only that, these fields are also categorized as high-paying jobs.
Even if you have to step from the bottom, it will all be a sweet thing in your pursuit of your dreams.

As the saying goes, 'trouble first, have fun later'. So there are many jobs that the admin will show you, try to see if your ambitions are hidden?

Digital Marketing
Nowadays everything is digital, most companies in Malaysia really need graduates who are good at digital such as digital marketing, digital writer, digital video because all of that makes it easier and reduces the cost of hiring. In addition to being able to spread information quickly.

Medicine and Dentistry
If you want to know, the field of medicine and dentistry involves the most expensive study cost, which is more than RM100,000 for at least 5 years of study (not including those who fail subjects and have to celebrate their studies!).

Usually medical and dental students will get job opportunities almost 95% after the end of the study period. Wow, it's lucky that someone who is smart can be called 'DR.' But don't forget the great responsibility you have to carry because you are the chosen and trained person to save others.

Veterinary Science
Second is the field of animal health treatment which is easy to get jobs up to 85.3%! Although previously the field of veterinary science in Malaysia has caused a lot of debate and controversy especially when there is an issue involving Muslim doctors needing to treat animals that need to be tanned after being touched, but the increasing awareness of the value of love for animals increases the popularity of this study program .

Can the admin bring the admin cat to see you later! :)

We often see these people working around hospitals or clinics to help doctors in treating or helping patients. This job is none other than a nurse (which now has men and women!), medical officer, health officer and so on.

This paramedic study includes holistic physical health studies and is focused on one branch of medicine. Statistics show that as many as 79.8% have been accepted to work as soon as they finish studying.

This study course is very unique and quite challenging because it combines both science and humanities. In fact, this field has contributed a lot directly towards the formation of the human environment such as the construction of buildings and the planning of a settlement.

A total of 71.3% of graduates managed to get a job in this field.

In general, this field has a lot in common with the course in no.4. One of the reasons is because engineering technologists are often responsible for design and development. What makes them more special is that these engineering technology graduates can work in various large fields such as industries, including manufacturing, construction, industrial, maintenance, and management.

The study found that 62.8% of those who are successful in this field can easily get a job.

Computer science
Computer science is generally the study of calculations and information processing. This task is carried out either in terms of hardware or software, in accordance with the increasingly high-tech era.

With the sophistication of technology today, the demand for jobs in this field is very encouraging, reaching 59.1%.

Having a degree in this field is particularly suitable for those interested in the field of psychology and sociology of human education. Being a teacher is not easy these days because this course also increases awareness of the role of cognitive, physical, emotional, creativity, language and human aesthetic development.

Admin respects the work of this teacher, it's not easy to teach people's children. A total of 59.1% of those who hold an education degree have easily found a job.

This course provides students with administrative skills, human resource management, accounting, finance, marketing, insurance, banking and also entrepreneurship. They are also seen as successful professionals. A total of 49% of graduates in this field of business have managed to book a career as they want.

Mathematical Sciences
This field is closely related to mathematics and statistics and fosters students' abilities and skills to use quantitative techniques and methods that are very appropriate to carry out analysis, research, forecasting and planning in an industrial environment.

Admin, if you take math, you must have a headache. But graduates in this critical field have proven that 47.1% have obtained jobs easily.

All these fields require different knowledge and skills. After you have finished your studies, job opportunities and good salary will be the result of your efforts and hard work as well. Don't be lazy and expect a lot of salary. Definitely according to their skills and abilities. So which one is your choice for you to pursue and achieve your goals? Listed in the fields above?

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