Sunday, July 23, 2023

Technical fields are easy to get a job

Graduates in technical fields are more easily employed and remain relevant in the job market in this country with most getting jobs after graduating from universities or colleges in technical and vocational training (TVET).

Among them, graduates from Universiti Malaysia Perlis (Unimap) when it was recorded that almost 70 percent within a period of at least six months after graduation managed to get a job in the field.

The remaining 17.2 percent continued their studies; 6.5 percent improved skills; and 3.7 percent waiting for job placement.

The amount is recorded through Unimap's graduate employability (GE) rate data for technical stream graduates of the university concerned.

Speaking to Utusan Malaysia, Unimap Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Zaliman Sauli said, the high GE Unimap rate data shows that the university's graduates always meet the demands of industry and the job market in this country.

He said, although this year's projected Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to be around four to 4.5 percent due to global factors and the post-pandemic effects of Covid-19, graduates in the technical field still find a place in the employment sector.

"The GE rate is closely related to the country's economic performance and job market, but as one of the public universities that focuses on engineering and technical streams, Unimap is very proactive in doubling various efforts to help technical university graduates get jobs within six months of graduation.

"Among the approaches implemented is to strengthen strategic collaboration networks with industry, especially in the electronics and electrical sector in Malaysia where 50 percent of Opstar Technology's staff and 40 percent of Analog Devices' staff are Unimap alumni. This kind of good relationship is very necessary to ensure that the marketability rate of these graduates can be increased from time to time," he said.

Yesterday this newspaper reported that approximately 100,000 students who are about to complete their bachelor's degree studies at more than 20 institutes of higher learning (IPT) this weekend are worried about their chances of entering the job market which is seen as vague.

This takes into account the projections of economic analysts expecting Malaysia's GDP this year to be only around four to 4.5 percent due to global factors and the post-pandemic impact of Covid-19 which has not yet recovered compared to last year's GDP of 8.7 percent.

Zaliman added that various platforms are provided at the university level to support students towards their readiness to enter the world of work such as providing career centers and counselling, career carnivals and 'Career Talk Series' together with the industry.

"In this way, graduates can get information related to job offers, opportunities to continue their studies, applications for study sponsorship facilities and skills improvement training.

"I call on Unimap graduates and the entire IPT to try to seize the opportunities organized by the university because all these programs are provided free of charge for them.

"Graduates should also be sensitive to the needs and offers of the job market by browsing the existing job directory portals that provide various 'jobmatching' modules that are able to match graduates with the needs of the company or industry," he said.

In the meantime, he also expressed sadness when he saw the issue of the fate of graduates and their difficulty in finding a job, but it is not only the university's responsibility.

"It needs to be a joint issue that needs to be addressed by all parties, whether ministries, departments, agencies, academics, students or graduates, including the industry as the final entity that will receive these IPT graduates.

"What is important is that the appropriate space and opportunities are given to the graduates from the very beginning when they set foot in the IPT and the graduates also need to seize the opportunities given because apart from a degree, this added value is important in the era of economic turmoil and the explosion of the world of technology without borders," he said.

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